dreams & divinations

by awe and all

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released June 7, 2014




awe and all Rochester, New York

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Track Name: as if we were infinite
& why spend our few hours counting
scrapes & bruises, pebbles rained along the shale?
what's a wound - hell, what's a body?
o may our lives
be overcome in uncertainty, this i pray -

in the quiet green light our presence grows
beneath our skin, the lengthening shadows
won't make me warm -
burn off the moss
& the leaves & come home
come on.

the trees grow still, cling to cliffs in our blood
a gift of iron & snow that our bodies won't touch
& comfort exists, but what about unlearning dread?
& where is our border, why shouldn't we spend
our cells to the wind as if we were infinite?

our hearts do not grow dry in the sun.
they warm & flutter in the hand.
you know not to squeeze, that the bones are as
brittle as birds, but the walls & secrets are
so much to bear -
come on friend, come on.
the light is there.
Track Name: the things we don't do
walked all day
around this familiar place
knowing you were somewhere
calling my name

getting cold & the summers
start to slip down the banks
we're both thinking of things
that have slipped through our hands

& i would not have left you
that night but you said
"it's always the things
we don't do we regret"

& they didn't come
to take me away
they just told me that something
was waiting for me

so i packed up a bag
it ran out before long
& a quiet young girl
said she'd follow me home

then i woke up alone
with the world in my head
it's just so hard to move when you're
not where i'm at
Track Name: bardo
rain on the lenses
of our eyes drew ghosts
we held and let go, & beneath the tracks
the river rolled on -

thunder & wine, how the lightning in my
eyes caught & kept & knew but i
didn't know you anymore & you
didn't recognize my scent

but when the rain came the sound
washed into my mouth & out
& all the words that
wouldn't go down - in the end it was so simple, you
took my bags inside, & i had to follow

how hard i used to try to turn away from you
your memories, our eyes
closing on the lit horizon
fingers wound & interwoven,
but all that you or anyone could do
& all the flesh in the world & all the lips & hips
& come-hither tongues can't encompass
my less-than-perfect-need perfectly -
& don't have to.

(the world is not a ruler or a key) & i knew this from the very first
walking home, half drunk on hips & words that our lips
never spoke - i knew but i guess that i
just wanted to close my eyes for awhile.